Websphere Commerce Interview Questions

1.What is the difference between the controller command and task command in websphere commerce?
2. How to extend OOB Controller command and Task command in websphere commerce.
3. Details on CMDREG Table used in websphere commerce.
4. Details on Data Bean in websphere commerce(Smart Data bean, Command Data Bean, Input Data Bean).
5. Details on usage of Entity Bean in websphere commerce.
6. Usage of Access Bean in websphere commerce.
7. Different Types of Exception in websphere commerce(System Exception and Application Exception).
8. Explain Access Control Policy, ACPLOAD utility in websphere commerce.
9. Explain about  Different Subsystems in  websphere commerce.
10.Explain Order subsystem details (Order flow ,Commands Used,Tables,Customizations Performed) in websphere commerce .What are the different Order Status in Order Flow?
11.Explain Member Subsystem Details(Commands Used,Tables,Customizations Performed)in websphere commerce.
12.Explain Trading Subsystem Details(Commands Used,Tables,Customizations Performed)in websphere commerce.
13.Explain Marketing and Merchandizing Subsystem Details (Commands Used,Tables,Customizations Performed) in websphere commerce .
14. Explain Catalog Subsystem (Commands Used, Tables, Customizations Performed) in websphere commerce.
15.Explain Payment subsystem (Commands Used,Tables,Customizations Performed) in websphere commerce.
16.Order flow in ATP and Non ATP inventory  models in websphere commerce.
17.Different Types of Inventory models (ATP,Non ATP,DOM Inventory,External Inventory,No Inventory ) used in websphere commerce.
18.Explain Mass Load in websphere commerce.
19.Explain Id Resolver in websphere commerce?
20.Data Load OOB Tables using XML and CSV  input in websphere commerce.
21.Data Load Custom tables using XML and CSV input in websphere commerce.
22.What is solar Search and explain Solar Search set up in websphere commerce.
23.Details on Solar Search Customizations in websphere commerce.
24.Schedulers in IBM websphere commerce.Can Task commands be scheduled ?.
25.Search Engine Optimization(SEO) in websphere commerce.
26.Difference between Service Oriented Integration (SOI) Frame Work and BOD Frame work and its customizations in websphere commerce.
27.Explain the Get Request flow of BOD framework in websphere commerce. Explain how the Change, Process and Sync Requests works in websphere commerce.
28.Explain Rest Service  and its customizations in IBM websphere commerce.
29.Explain SOAP based service (Inbound and Out Bound Service) in IBM websphere commerce.
30.Explain Business Context and how to customize it in websphere commerce?
31.Payment Plugin configuration required for payment options(PayPal, Cyber Source) in websphere commerce.
32. Steps in Configuring Email in IBM websphere commerce.
33. Websphere commerce to WebSphere MQ Integration.
34. Explain Calculation Framework in websphere commerce.
35. Details on Extended Sites Model .How the resources are shared in Extended Sites Model.
36. Elaborate on Attribute Dictionary. Compare Classic Attributes and Attribute Dictionary Models.
37. How promotions are stacked in websphere commerce.
38. How to create web or Email Activity in websphere commerce.
39. How E-spots are created in websphere commerce. What is content spot and how to create it.
40. Explain Precision Marketing in websphere commerce.
41.Explain how the nouns can be customized in webspherecommerce. (Using User Data,Overlay Approaches).
42. Difference Between Redirect view and Forward View in websphere commerce.
43. Which Tables stores shipping and Billing Address in websphere commerce .
44. How to perform Delta Indexing (Solar Search )in IBM websphere commerce.
45. Management Center \Accelerator \Org admin console Customizations in websphere commerce.
46. Store Publishing process in websphere commerce.
47. Difference between master catalog and sales catalog in websphere commerce.
48. Difference between Products and Items in websphere commerce.
49. JSTL Tags used in  websphere commerce.
50. JSP inclusion mechanisms in websphere commerce.
51. Explain Caching (DynaCache) in websphere commerce.
52. What is reloading interval and how to configure reload interval in websphere commerce?
53. Difference between List Price and Offer Price in websphere commerce.
54. Details on Catalog Filter in websphere commerce.
55. Details on Price Rule in websphere commerce.
56. Explain Price List in websphere commerce.
57. Describe Price List Migration.
58. Details on Coremetrics Integration.
59. Details on Bazaar Voice Integration.
60. How to call controller commands from Task commands.
61.Functional Details on Tools Frame Work (Websphere Commerce Accelerator,Websphere Commerce Admin Console,Websphere Commerce Org Admin Console).
62. Rest Services and its customizations in Websphere commerce.
63.What is Fix pack \Feature pack\APAR.How to identify this in a websphere commerce environment?
64. Explain Workspace Management Tool used in websphere commerce.
65.SEO Data Load in Websphere Commerce.
66.Site Map Generation in Websphere Commerce.
67.Websphere commerce to LDAP Integration details .Describe user Authentication using LDAP.

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