Sunday, 25 January 2015

Enable Logging in Websphere Commerce

Loggers are used by applications and run time components to capture message and trace events. Java logging is the logging used in websphere which makes use of java.util.logging package.Follow below steps to enable logging.

Right click on Server ->Administration ->Run Administrative Console

Logging in Websphere Commerce

Go to Troubleshooting->Logs and trace and click on server
From Logging and Tracing > server1 > Change log detail levels.

Logging in Websphere Commerce

we can do  the log level setting from configuration or run time tab.If we do it from configuration tab  then changes will reflect after  the server  restart.If you do it in run time tab changes will reflect immediately.

Log levels control which events are processed by Java logging.Below list summarizes the different log level details.

Log Level               Details
Off                      Off means events won’t be logged.
Fatal                   Fatal means task cannot continue and component cannot function.
Severe                Severe means task cannot continue, but component can still function.
Warning             Warning means potential error.
Audit                  Audit means significant event affecting server state or resources.
Info                     Info means general information outlining overall task progress.
Config                Config means configuration change or status.
Detail                 Detail means general information detailing subtask progress.
Fine                    Fine means trace information which includes general trace.
Finer                   Finer means trace information which includes detailed trace + method entry / exit / return values
Finest           Finest means Trace information means more detailed trace which includes all the detail that is needed to debug problems
All                  All means events are logged. If you create custom levels, all includes your custom levels, and can provide a more detailed trace than Finest.

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