Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Multivalue Attributes in Websphere Commerce (WCS 7 feature pack 5)

Multivalue Attributes

When attribute dictionary management was added in Feature Pack 2, multiple value support was not supported by default. However, because many of you needed this feature, the design supported a customization task to enable this support. In Feature Pack 5, multiple value attribute is officially supported.

You can assign one or more values for the same descriptive attribute in a catalog entry. Assigning multiple values to attributes improves matching your catalog entry attributes to your business needs, improves your catalog attribute management, and enables better search results. The same descriptive attribute can be added in multiple rows with different values assigned to the attribute. For example, if a specific video game supports more than one platform, you can assign more than one attribute value to that product.

To do this, you can add multiple rows with the same attribute but different supported values as shown here. Support for multiple value attributes is available by default when you publish the Aurora starter store. If your store is Madisons or Elite, you must publish the WebSphere Commerce Feature Pack 5 starter store enhancements archive to enable multiple value attribute support
There are two configuration updates that are changed by default. SupportMultipleValueForADAttributes flag is set to true by default in the wc-business­object-mediator.xml and wc-loader-catalog-entry-AD-attribute-relationship xml. This makes sure that Catalog upload and data load supports loading multiple value attributes to catalog entries.

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