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Websphere Comerce with LDAP(Lightweight Directory Access Protocol)

IBM  Websphere Commerce 6.0 -Member Manager in Websphere Commerce 6.0 LDAP 

In V6.0 we use Member Manager to connect to LDAP.WebSphere Commerce will invoke a Member Manager API.Member Manager must be installed when integrating with LDAP.Member Manager provides an abstraction layer to your data stored in LDAP and acts as a simple API to manage user profile data(create, read, update, remove, and search).Member Manager is an Application which is running  on your WebSphere Application Server.

Types of integration

Integrate with new LDAP(expect to share user base)
Integrate with existing LDAP(already have user base)

Configuration files

Configuration between Member Manager and your LDAP server. Specific mappings for objects and types dependant on your LDAP Server. Definition of LDAP structures, and the location of data located in your LDAP server.
Wmm.xml example.
<supportedMemberType name="Person" rdnAttrTypes="uid"
supportedMemberType -User, Organization, Organizational Unit.No support/use for Groups.
rdnAttrTypes - Prefix for the specific type.
defaultParentMember -The default place to create a user.

Mapping of Member Manager types/objects to specific LDAP types/objects.Provided by default for the supported directory servers. 

<ldapRepository name="wmmLDAP" configurationFile="xml/wmmLDAPAttributes_IDS.xml"

Define the root in Member Manager vs. the root of Commerce.
<nodeMap node="dc=ibm,dc=com" pluginNode="dc=ibm,dc=com" />

Type of object we are configuring.
Defines object class for entry type.LDAP server dependent.
Where to look for objects in the LDAP server.This is the root organization in Commerce.

<supportedLdapEntryType name="Person" rdnAttrTypes="uid"


This file contains the configuration details between WebSphere Commerce and Member Manager.This acts as a mapping file between Commerce objects and Member Manager objects.Defines which data will be synchronized between Commerce and Member Manager / LDAP.

<objectAttribute attrName="lastName"/>
<ldapAttribute name="sn" operation="replace"

objectAttribute:This is  the data is in  Websphere Commerce.
ldapAttribute: This is the  data in LDAP Server.
operation:replace or add
flow:The way in which data will synchronize.

Websphere Commerce  7.0  with LDAP Authentication

Member Manager was used with  WebSphere Commerce till version 6,but from  Websphere Commerce version 7   Virtual Member Manager is used.
This is the default implementation of LDAP authentication command which is invoked by Login command in case store is configured for LDAP based autentication.
In WCS 7 ,WMMAuthenticationCmd and WMMAuthenticationCmdImpl has been deprecated and replaced by LDAPAuthenticationCmd and LDAPAuthenticationCmdImpl

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